Star Chief (1955-65)
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1955-57 Star Chief 2-dr Hardtop DOOR Seals $89 per pairLM55
1955-60 Star Chief 2-dr Sedan DOOR Seals $74 per pairLM56
1955-60 Star Chief 4-dr Sedan Front DOOR Seals $74 per pairLM56-A
1955-60 Star Chief 4-dr Sedan Rear DOOR Seals $74 per pairLM56-A/R
1958 - 62 Star Chief Hardtop/Convertible QUARTER WINDOW Seals$22 per pairVS4A
1955 - 56 Star Chief TRUNK Seal$44TK55
1957 Star Chief TRUNK Seal$29TK57
1958 - 65 Star Chief TRUNK Seal$19TK46-18
Black Super Weatherstrip ADHESIVE

5 oz. tube of professional, black weatherstrip adhesive that blends with black weatherstrip for less clean-up. Resistant to gasoline, kerosene and antifreeze. Also, withstands temperature extremes. Permanently bonds all weatherstrip.

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